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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monster of the Month
Shocker Mutant: SHIOMANE KING

ショッカー怪人 シオマネキング 「仮面ライダー」より

©Ishimori Productions/Toei Company

Height: 187 cm • Weight: 86 kg • Origin: Mindanao, Philippines • Original Appearance: KAMEN RIDER (1971-73) Episode 72 "Bloodthirsty Mosquiras vs. Two Riders" & 73 "Double Riders: Defeat Shiomane King!" • Suit Actor: Isao Sato • Voice Actor: Ritsuo Sawa • Design: Shotaro Ishimori/Akira Takahashi • Fabricator: Ekisu Productions

Another Shocker cyborg mutant created to defeat the Kamen Riders at the Kii Peninsula during Operation: Key Hunt. This abomination of genetic engineering was spawned by splicing the genes of a Fiddler Crab with a human being, and augmented with cybernetic implants. Like all Shocker Mutants, he possesses the relative physical strength of his namesake, and is resilient to all conventional weapons. This amphibious creation can also spit a deadly and highly flammable foam from his mouth, while the mutant's left hand is a razor-sharp, electromagnetic claw.

Shiomane King ranks as one of the best (and coolest) designed Shocker Mutants featured in the final phase of the original KAMEN RIDER series, and because it took the combined strength of Kamen Riders One and Two to bring him down, has only added to the appeal of this monstrous crustacean. This marine mutant was later revived for a two-parter of KAMEN RIDER V3 (1973-74): Episode 27 "Zol, Death, Hell & Black Rise from The Grave" & Episode 28 "The Five Commandants' All-Out Attack!!".

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