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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Original Costumes & Props on Display in Japan!

実写映画『SPACE BATTLESHIP ヤマト』の衣装や小道具だ!

Takuya Kimura plays the main character, Susumu Kodai.

This past Summer, a display of original costumes and props from the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of the seminal SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO was held at the Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo's Tama New Town suburb. Then, during the Summer edition of the WonderFestival (or "Wonfes") garage kit and toy show at Makuhari Messe, two of the original miniatures used in the film were on display. The Cosmo Tiger, is a rethinking of the Black Tiger space fighters from the first SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO (1974), which manages to retain the basic design sense, while the enemy Gamilas Fighter, an arthropod-like design, is a vast departure from the original. The costumes for Takashi Yamazaki's upcoming SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO, opening in Japan on December 1st, were adapted by Anri Jojo (ALWAYS: SUNSET ON THIRD STREET), who helmed the production design for the film.

Close-up detail of Susumu Kodai's uniform jacket.

Meisa Kuroki plays fighter pilot, Yuki Mori.

Close-up detail of Yuki Mori's uniform jacket.

Close-up detail of Black Tiger pilot's jacket.

Left to right: Kodai and Yuki's flight helmets.

Right-side detail of Kodai's flight helmet.

The Space Commandos' high-powered machine guns.

Close-up detail of one of the machine guns.

Tsutomu Yamazaki as Captain Juzo Okita.

Close-up detail of Okita's coat collar and pins.

Close-up detail of Okita's coat buttons and belt buckle.

Miniature of the Cosmo Tiger space fighter.

Top details of the Cosmo Tiger miniature.

Close-up forward details of the Cosmo Tiger.

Close-up tail details of the Cosmo Tiger.

Miniature of the insect-like Gamilas Fighter.

Close-up of the Gamilas Fighter (note reflection for undercarriage).

All designs © "Space Battleship Yamato" Production Committee. Sanrio Puroland Costume Display photos taken by "Jet Beetle".


Unknown said...

Muito Show.
Link em meu blog:

Abraços, até aproxima.

August Ragone said...

¡Muito Obrigado, Alê!

Jim Belfiore said...

Thanks for posting this! Ironically I'll be landing at Narita on the 4th for a business trip (Yes, I plan to see the movie) but would have loved to see this display before it closes.

moneybagzz said...

Dude, that looks great. I wish I was on a flight to Japan to see it!

Flowersaurus said...

Hey August, any idea where I can buy a Kodai replica jacket like the one they put on Takuya Kimura? I'm going to be in Taiwan and Japan later this summer but have no idea where to shop while I'm there, and of course, I'd prefer to just order it online without having to stumble around when I'm out there