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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The MEGALON DVD Debacle Thickens...

Emmy and her father, Robert Dunham. Property of Emiko Jade Frost

The MEGALON DVD plot thickens... In their story refuting my initial report, a separate inquiry to Emiko Jade Frost (the daughter of the late actor Robert Dunham, who was featured in GODZILLA VS. MEGALON) was used to contradict my "inside information" on a planned DVD release of MEGALON. Disgusted by the situation, and how it was being spun to make me look like the April's Fool, she has come out and identified herself as my source.

So, here she is in her own words — posted on my Facebook page this morning — those who still care, can draw their own conclusions (if this hasn't put you all to sleep, that is):

I am Robert Dunham's daughter and I am going to clear up the rumors, once and for all. About a month ago, I was told by someone that they were working on getting "Godzilla vs. Megalon" released on DVD. I had been asked if I wanted to include one of my father's un-released movies as a bonus feature. (I am not going to say who told me this.) Later, I received an email from Keith Aiken, stating that he had read on various forums, that "Godzilla vs Megalon" was going to be released. He asked me if I knew anything about it and if I was going to be adding anything to the movie. At the time, I told him that I didn't know anything about it. I wasn't sure what the nature of his relationship was, with the person who told me - so I kept my mouth shut.

Ever since I created my father's FB fan page, I have noticed a lot of "tension" between certain groups of "fandom" people. For some reason, one side has felt the need to tell me who to like and not like, due to some "differences" they have had in the past. I really don't give a shit, because I will "like" whomever I choose. But it seems all one sided, to me. The other group, the one who are always getting talked down about to me - have had nothing bad to say about this other group. I don't like to get in the middle of these things but it's the group that is doing the complaining, who have consistently shown to me, how childish they are.

Some of you saw what happened between me and [name omitted]. I personally think he's an asshole but hey, that's just me. He is one of the many, who sit there and talk about their OWN friends behind their backs to me and to other people ~ yet they go on trips to Japan with them. It doesn't make any fucking sense. I am sick of hearing about it and it's really fucking immature. What August has been saying, is true. Now, it's just a matter of what was told to me and IF that was true. It doesn't make any sense, why I would be asked to add a bonus feature to a movie, that isn't going to be released. (I was never told to keep this a secret, so when I heard the news, I told a few people.)

What kind of pisses me off, is that I was asked to add the bonus feature but then told, that I wouldn't receive any money for it. Now, why would I just give Media Blasters, one of my Dad's movies to add as a bonus feature for FREE? They'd be making a killing on the movie and I would get nothing? Fuck that! Later, I was told that I would get a little something, but not much. WHY?? So, I have decided NOT to give them the movie and release it myself. At least then, I would know I'd be getting the proceeds and not someone else. I hope I have cleared that up for everyone. Thank you!


Armand Vaquer said...

Gee, if Emiko came to Monsterpalooza this coming weekend, I'd buy her a drink! - A.

AcroRay said...

Perhaps one of the DVD companies is simply casting out some seeds, seeing if it takes root in the social media enough to consider a serious product pitch?

Curiouser and curiouser...