"There is so much writing in English on Japanese cinema that can't be accepted at face value — not because the writers are careless, but because the differences in culture and language are just too intricate. When I see August Ragone's name on a piece of writing, it gives me permission to place my faith in it completely. Among Japanese fantasy film historians, he's the best working in English." —Tim Lucas, Video Watchdog

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ragone Ties Up The Airwaves On November 5th


"Gappa Likes BEER!" by Gabe aka King Parka.

Watch out, Bay Area, I'm back on local TV... Run! The locally-produced horror host show, Creepy KOFY Movie Time, has been a big hit on recently independent station, KOFY TV-20, here in foggy San Francisco. Set in the cave of Balrock de Cavo, an adolescent demon, and his undead pal, Noname Kegerator, the pair throw a party every Saturday night with, not only the monster movies you'd expect to see, but guests, skits, comedians, bands, burlesque girls, more girls, and beer. Lots of it. It's an untamed version of the hosted horror show, and draws more from KOFY's late night drunk fest, "The Sleazy Arms Hotel", hosted by James Gabbert in the '80s, than it does Bob Wilkins' family-friendly "Creature Features".

After several years of success, now they've invited me on the show to surely send CKMT into the toilet when the ratings take a nosedive as soon as I appear on-screen tonight to talk about MONSTER FROM A PREHISTORIC PLANET (1967). I had a great time visiting the studio after all these years — I grew up about eight blocks away from this station, which used to carry the call letters KEMO in the '60s and '70s (and as kids, we used to dumpster dive for whatever "treasures" they threw away, including Commercials on 16mm reels). The staff, from the front desk to the director, were all great, and the atmosphere on the set was relaxed, but still raucous! Hosts Noname and Balrock were amiable and gregarious, and the laughs and the beer flowed all afternoon.

As it turns out, the place was full of people I knew, who came down to hang out, or appear in their own segments, like Michael Monahan and Lon Huber — who came to debut their first publishing venture, a fantastic book on the history of Bay Area Horror Hosts, "Shock It To Me! Golden Ghouls of the Golden Gate" (currently available from UHF Nocturne). Some of the other freaks in the studio included former "Creature Features" host and author, John Stanley, the lovely Miss Misery, Sgt. Pffier of the Surf/Garage band, Beachkrieg, and the list goes on. For the show, I brought down some international movie posters for the film (and the cool art piece illustrating this entry) as well as repros of cardboard theater giveaway Gappa masks that originated from the Philippines!

The segment, like all of the segments on CKMT, are relatively short — keeping in line with the show's machine-gun etiquette — but it was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs, and I can't wait to go back on the show! The MONSTER FROM A PREHISTORIC PLANET episode of CKMT will air tonight, Saturday, November 5th at 11pm (PST). So, tune in and drop dead for KOFY TV's Creepy KOFY Movie Time — don't miss it or you'll make Gappa angry!

From the CKMT Press Release: "Creepy KOFY Movie Time is now back with a brand new season. It’s the most evil season of all with Season 666. If you love Japanese’s monster movies then you’re going to love watching the Gappa family come down and attack the crap out of Japan in MONSTER FROM A PREHISTORIC PLANET. Along with this kickass movie we have some kickass guests. This week on the show, monster movie expert August Ragone stops by and talks shop about Japanese monster flicks. Comedian Keith D’Souza breaks into the cave and tells some jokes that will make you blush. We help make your smarter one dumb question at a time with our lovable scientists, Dr. Scott Weitze with Creepy KOFY Science Time. We also bring you one of the hottest segments we have ever had, artists Trina Merry takes smoking hot naked chicks and body paints them into smoking hot superheroes. All these amazing guests are going to blow your mind, but the coolest thing is that we have brought two new cave girls to the set this season with Captain Isabella and Ruby White on top of the already sizzling Sasa and Scarlet Von Harlot. And what would Saturday night be without our amazing house band the Deadlies? This week on Creepy KOFY Movie Time, KOFY TV-20/Cable-13, Saturday at 11pm!"

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