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Friday, May 24, 2013

LOST "YAMATO" MUSIC VIDEO SERIES RETURNS! Blu-ray Reissue & New "YAMATO: 2199" Edition


Blu-ray cover for the reissue of the original 1984 Music Video release.

Music has always been an integral element of the Space Battleship Yamato saga, and while as important as the iconic visual elements, the legendary scores by the renown composer Hiroshi Miyagawa also seem to exist with a complete life of its own. The entire industry of anime soundtracks can be traced back to the phenomenal success of "Symphonic Suite: Yamato," a milestone 1977 album recorded to capitalize on the rising wave of Yamatomania in Japan.

In 1984, with the advent of Home Video, Yamato was not only represented by releases of the popular feature films, but also a handful of specials and music videos. One of these was Nippon Columbia's MV (or Music Video) Series, which set scenes from the feature films to several of their respective "Symphonic Suites," which were issued on the Laserdisc format. These have never since been reissued in any Home Video platform, until now... and on DVD and Blu-ray!

Leiji Matsumoto LP jacket for "Symphonic Suite Yamato" (1977).

MV Series SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO is a reproduction of the original release, with the score processed 24bit/96khz from the analog master, similar to the process Columbia employed to remaster the entire Yamato music catalogue for the "Yamato Sound Almanac" series launched in July 2012. According to Columbia's press materials, "While the video steams from the original 1974 broadcast series, this is a BGV (background music video) which will make you feel the rich musical world of Yamato!"

Publisher: Nippon Columbia. CAT: COXC-1063. ASIN: B00CRKLFY6. EAN: 4988001749516. Region Code: A. Single Disc. Running Time: 49 mins. Street Date: 07/24/2013. MSRP: ¥3990.

Blu-ray cover for the all-new Music Video release for YAMATO: 2199.

Dropping on the same day is minute MV Series SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 featuring Akira Miyagawa's score coupled with scenes from the currently-running remake, as a companion edition to the original. Composer Akira Miyagawa is the son of the late Hiroshi Miyagawa, and for the new series has brought his father's original score back to life in addition to compositions of his own — and is an amazing addition to the Yamato Saga in its own right.

Publisher: Nippon Columbia. CAT: COXC-1062. ASIN: B00CRKLG72. EAN: 4988001749509. Region Code: A. Single Disc. Running Time: 45 mins. Street Date: 07/24/2013. MSRP: ¥3990.

CD for SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 Original Soundtrack Vol. 1.

The epic music tapestry of Yamato is the very epitome of the romanticized space opera — emotional, awe-inspiring, heroic, beautiful, and tocuhing — as vast as the cosmos itself and just as stirring to the soul of any adventurer. Needless to say, I have a deep emotional connection to Yamato and the powerful music of the Miyagawas — dating back to my childhood — so, these are must-buys and highly recommended!

Click the links above to order your copies (DVD versions will also be available, but are not compatible with US players) through Amazon Japan — stay tuned to this blog and the Cosmo DNA website for more news and information on the Yamato Saga as they develop!

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