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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

MAZIN-GO! "MAZINGER Z" COMES TO U.S. DVD Volume 1 from Discotek Drops April 29, 2014!

マジンゴー!『マジンガーZ』は米国DVD BOX-1発売 2014年4月!

Discotek's package art for the US release of MAZINGER Z!

Created by mangaka Go Nagai, MAZINGER Z (1972-74) was the first anime series to feature a "super robot" — a giant automaton piloted by a human being and not run by remote control — and the dynamic series captured the imagination of an entire generation of Japanese children (as well as children around the world), spawning an entire genre of robot culture in Japan beyond ASTRO-BOY and GIGANTOR — it was not only the most influential robot series of the 1970s, but the most important of the 20th Century. If it weren't for MAZINGER Z, the TRANSFORMERS would simply not exist. It was also highly influential to a young Guillermo del Toro as a foundation in creating PACIFIC RIM, and it's about time to came to the US in its original form!

Panel from Go Nagai's original manga for MAZINGER Z!

Back in October of 2012, I reported that the original MAZINGER Z series had been licensed by Discotek Media for release in the US for a late 2013 drop — which Discotek decided to push back to the first quarter of 2014 and just announced today for a street date of April 29, 2014! Discotek has also announced that another classic Go Nagai series from 1972, DEVILMAN, will also be released under their label before the year is out! The only details we have so far are that Box Set 1 will contain Episodes 1-49 (out of 98) and will feature the original Japanese Audio with English Subtitles. Currently, Discotek has not released any further information on how many discs the first box set will have, how many episodes will be contained on each disc, or the estimated MSRP, so please stay tuned!

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MB said...

Will any publishing company here in the US ever translate and release Go Nagai's manga of 'Mazinger Z'?