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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Honolulu Theatrical Premiere: October 10th


English herald for the North American Premiere in Honolulu.

SCOOP: It's official — this morning I was notified by the CEO of JN Productions/Generation Kikaida, Joanne Ninomiya, that we could finally announce that her Honolulu-based company has finalized their licensing deal with Toei for the recent feature film, KIKAIDER: THE ULTIMATE HUMAN ROBOT (Kikaida Reboot, 2014), a remake of the original 1972 series, directed by Ten Shimozawa. While more details on this will be forthcoming from JNP/GK in September, we are able to announce that the film will receive its North American Premiere in "Titan XC" at the Ward Stadium 16 in Honolulu, October 10th through October 16th.

JN Productions/Generation Kikaida have released several beloved vintage tokusatsu series on DVD in the US (complete with English Subtitles), such as KIKAIDA, KAMEN RIDER V3, KIKAIDA 01, and INAZUMAN.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop! Or check out the Generation Kikaida website!


Tom Strong said...

Will Generation Kikaida eventually be selling this on DVD as well?

August Ragone said...

Stay tuned for further news as it develops... and I hope that will be the case!