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Monday, February 1, 2016

A Selection of Kim Hu's Pop Ultra Kaiju Studies


Bemler, the Space Monster from Episode 1.

Baltan, the Space Ninja from Episode 2.

Redking, the Skull Monster from Episode 8.

Dodongo, the Mummy Monster from Episode 12.

Hidrah, the Highland Dragon from Episode 20.

Jamila, the Mutant Monster from Episode 22.

Woo, the Legendary Monster from Episode 30.

These wonderful pieces, only a fraction of his killer kaiju gallery, were created by Kim Hu — a self-described "Artist. Illustrator. Toy designer. Toycollector" — as part of his Inktober 2015 a-kaiju-a-day challenge. The Tokyo resident, and his fantastic kaiju illustrations, can be found on Instagram or follow him on Facebook.


Derek M. Koch said...

These are great . . . Love that Red King!

August Ragone said...

Yeah, they're awesome — check out his page for the rest of 'em!


Unknown said...

her not his, outside of that you're absolutely right! :)