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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Screen-Accurate Replica from Ultraman, 1966

Tamashii Labの「科学特捜隊光線銃 スーパーガン」も初お披露目!

First reveal teased by Bandai Collectors' Twitter account on July 8th.

Tamashii Nations, part of Bandai's Collectors Division, which has had great success with such adult-aimed products in the Tamashii Nations line, has launched a new division, announced at this very weekend's "Ultraman Day in the Suginami Public Hall" (where the "Ultraman is Born" premiere pre-show was held a half-century ago), under the moniker: Tamashii Lab.

Tamashii Lab's unveiling of the upcoming Science Patrol Supergun!

The first project out of their docket was unveiled at the "Ultraman Day" event, the trusty sidearm of the Science Investigation Agency, the "Supergun"! In the photos taken by fans attending the event, and Bandai Collector's Twitter account, this screen-accurate edition of the Supergun will come with two attachments seen in the series: Anti-Gravity Shell and the Balloon Marker.

Tamashii Lab's replica of the Supergun with special attachments.

With a number of garage kits and cottage industry outfits producing screen-accurate versions of the Supergun over the last few years (most out of resin, fiberglass, polystone, and even metal), and with various attachments, Tamashii Lab's over-the-counter product will most likely be the definitive (and perhaps cheaper) version. Although they'd better make the rest of the attachments, too.

Tamashii Lab's Special Attachments for their pending Supergun.

According to the freshman Tamashii Lab's website, "Based on years of advanced modeling techniques that Collectors Division has acquired, Bandai also adds its know-how to develop "most wanted items" from live action productions, exhaustively researched down to the most minute detail.

Original metal Supergun prop with all of the paint details worn off.

"And each and every time, the concepts will also change. Sometimes using the latest technology, and sometimes employing traditional methods. We aim to make products that will prove more surprising than the real thing."

Previous polystone version issued by Stealth Tanaka and A-Toys.

As of this writing, the release date for Tamashii Lab's Supergun was announced for December 2016, with the manufacturer's suggested retail price set at ¥12960 ($122 USD). This new diecast Supergun will feature sound effects of the ray emitter, as well as the cries of 40 monsters from the show, and various sound effects activated by the two PVC attachments. I'd say this is a hands-down winner!

Demo video featuring actor Susumu Kurobe who played Hayata!

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William A Schwartz said...

I can definitely handle 122.00. I was afraid the price would be much higher. The sound effects are a great bonus. Now all we need is an affordable Spidershot.