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Saturday, March 25, 2017

"GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET" IS A G-TRILOGY! Character & Weapon Specs at AnimeJapan 2017

アニメ映画『GODZILLA 怪獣惑星』は3部作構成の大長編 !

Godzilla Kaiju Planet Cast
The main voice cast takes the stage at AnimeJapan 2017. ©Gigazine

Over this past weekend at the AnimeJapan 2017 event in Tokyo, Toho Animation made several announcements during the two presentations concerning the first animated film showcasing the "Big G", GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET, including the cast, characters, setting (in the form of special giveaway file), as well as models of the futuristic powered suits and rife. Perhaps, the biggest news of all is that this will not a standalone, but a full-fledged film trilogy, with the first installment hitting Japanese cinemas this November (followed by a global release on the Netflix streaming service).

Powered Suit Gwyn Campbell
Powered Suit on display at the Godzilla booth. ©Gwyn Campbell

WEAPON SPECS: Powered Suits deployed by the "Earth Union Tau Ceti-e Field Expeditionary Brigade". Originally, created as pioneering exo-planetary heavy machinery with drilling equipment, but is now being introduced into actual combat for anti-Godzilla operations. Heavily armored to protect the operator, both arms have been fitted with 20mm calibre Railguns. Height: 3.9 meters/Width: 2.9 meters/Total Weight: 2.5 tonnes/Maximum Speed (while walking): 80kph

Director Hiroyuki Seshita and Gun
Director Seshita with a EIRI at the Godzilla booth. ©Polygon Pictures

WEAPON SPECS: Electromagnetic Induction Rifle for Infantry. Bullpup-type Sub-railgun. The electromagnetic induction system allows rapid-firing of 6mm cylindrical pellets made from a special alloy. Distance and stopping power is equal to .338 Lapua Magnum ammo [2745 fps-4768 ft lb], making it a formidable combat weapon. In addition, since it employs an electromagnetic system, power is thereby regulated in lowering the firing voltage. While used as a rifle during peacetime, it's also possible, in an emergency, to use the forward of the rifle's grip as a pistol. Total Length: 470mm (Pistol: 120mm)/Total Height: 230mm (Pistol: 170mm)/Weight: 2.7kg (Pistol: 650g)

Haruo Sakaki and Yuko
Strategist Capt. Haruo Sakaki & weapons specialist Sgt. Yuko Tani.

Character Profiles: CAPTAIN HARUO SAKAKI (24), Japanese. Lost his parents during a Godzilla attack, and harbors a strong hatred against the king of the monsters in his heart. Highly intelligent, and despite his slim physique, is highly trained and able-bodied (Voice: Mamoru Miyano). SERGEANT YUKO TANI (19), Japanese. Growing up together, Yuko was Haruo's junior during their childhood schooling. Because of her slight frame, she has a complex in terms of physical prowess, but is a brilliant Armorer and Weapons Engineer (Voice: Kana Hanazawa).

Adam and Martin
Aerospace Pilot Lt. Adam Binewald & Biologist Maj. Martin Lizzari.

LIEUTENANT ADAM BINEWALD (21), German. He was a skilled hover jockey before taking the yoke as the pilot for the landing craft. One of the young officers who holds the actions of Haruo in awe. He has a high degree of mental health and thus is very cheerful (Voice: Yuki Kaji). MAJOR MARTIN LIZZARI (34), Italian-American. Former civilian environmental biologist. He is extremely optimistic with the curiosity of a scholar. As a specialist, he is able to analyze data of the altered global ecosystem in short-order (Voice: Tomokazu Sugita).

Metphies and Galugu
Lt. Col. Metphies of Exif & Engineer Col. Mulu-elu Galu-gu of Bilsard.

CHAPLAIN (Lieutenant Colonel) METPHIES (50, but is physically 25), Exifian. An Archbishop on his homeworld of Exif, he is a universally-respected and admired man of virtue. He speaks philosophically in a soft tone with a gentle smile. Has a keen understanding of Haruo's psyche (Voice: Takahiro Sakurai). COLONEL MULU-ELU GALU-GU (60, but is physically 35), Bilsardian. At one time, this Chief Technology Officer was the most physically superior and unmatched of all the Bilsardian people. This has been channelled into his capability among Engineers, with his striving for excellence in science and rationalism (Voice: Junichi Suwabe).

Did the illustrator work Godzilla's dorsal plates into the teaser art?

The first trilogy in the long-running franchise, GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET is written by Gen Urobuchi (Aldnoah: Zero) and is co-directed by Kobun Shizuno (Knights of Sidonia) and Hiroyuki Seshita (Ajin: The Demi-Human). Please stay tuned to the official website and this blog for more details as they become available for this exciting trilogy of animated features!

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