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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

FULL TRAILER REVEALS ANIMATED "GODZILLA"! Preview for "Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters"

アニメ『GODZILLA -怪獣惑星-』ゴジラの顔と姿がついに明らかに!

New poster with tagline: "Who Will Be Eradicated? Man Or Godzilla?"

Before this new trailer, scheduled to bow in Japanese cinemas this Friday, August 18th (Japan Time), absolute secrecy on specific details concerning the story of GODZILLA: PLANET OF THE MONSTERS were prohibited from the public - only a basic story outline and character biographies of this animated trilogy were released (read here). Now, more of these details have been unveiled in this new trailer - just released online by Toho Animation via their YouTube Channel and the film's official website. Featuring some of the action and the reveal of the King of the Monsters, himself.

Set the trailer to 1080p and turn up the sound as high as it can go!

The new trailer begins with a monologue by the protagonist, Haruo (Mamoru Miyano), "There came a day in the last summer of the 20th Century when mankind discovered that as rulers of the planet called Earth, they were not alone." After abandoning their homeworld, the humans return only to find, due to space-time dilation, 20,000 years have passed - and now Godzilla is the summit of all life on Earth. He's told, dispassionately, by his friend Metphies (Takahiro Sakurai), that "It doesn't miss the human race," as the ecosystem has since radically transformed because of the monster.

Godzilla Planet Boom
Mankind returns to a hostile Earth to wage war against Godzilla!

GODZILLA: PLANET OF THE MONSTERS will premiere November 17th in Japan, while the exclusive worldwide rights are being handled via Netflix, which will stream the picture in 190 territories following the Japanese opening (date yet to be announced). Please stay tuned to the official website - and this blog - for more details as they become available about this exciting trilogy of animated features! The fateful battle between the human race and Godzilla is about to begin...

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