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Thursday, June 5, 2008



"What!? Me worry?" Gag shot of Tsuburaya and actor Koji Furuhata.


Lee Merritt said...

I always thought the makeup effects that transformed Mr.Furuhata into the boy monster were terrific.

Mr. Karswell said...

Just read the great news on DVD Drive-in about War of the Gargantuas coming to DVD with Rodan. Too bad they didn't double this with Frankenstein vs Baragon but who's complaining... I'm just glad it's finally stomping towards the US in some real release version finally.

Cool blog too August, I've been a big follower of your writings for many many years, (the Eiji book is outstanding) and I've added you to my horror blog links as well. Keep up the tremendous work!

August Ragone said...

Thanks for the comments! I have read your cool blog, "The Horror of It All", and just added you as well under the links for "Creature Features"!


Mr. Karswell said...

Great! Thank you August, it's an honor to be part of your blog.

David said...

Great blog! Just got in FVB in the mail yesterday! Love Ifukube's ominous music. Nice photo!

Maurizio Ercole said...

Love this blog!!! I'm the author of the italian kaiju books "Godzilla il Re dei Mostri" and "Creature d'Oriente"... I remember your beautifull magazine Markalite.

August Ragone said...

Thank you for remembering Markalite, Maurizio! Are your books still available?


Maurizio Ercole said...

August, the two books are out of stock (published more of 10 years ago) but of the first one "Godzilla il Re dei Mostri" I have some copies, so I can send it to you for free. Instead "Crature d'Oriente" only my personal copy, sorry. Please let me know your shipping address to my email: cicciofoca@genesi.net

Nerdstrom. said...

This picture is the bee's knees!
Just terrific!