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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Monster of the Month
GOMORA: The Ancient Monster

古代怪獣ゴモラ 「ウルトラマン」より

©1967 Tsuburaya Productions

Height: 40 meters • Weight: 20,000 tonnes • Origin: Johnson Islands, South Pacific • Original appearance: ULTRAMAN (1966-67) Episode 26 & 27 "The Monster Prince"

One of the mightiest creatures to ever live, Gomora possessed massive strength, and while generally docile, could be provoked into extreme, unstoppable rage. With powerful arms and claws, and enormous horns crowning its head, Gomora could burrow into the earth and traverse long distances underground at incredible speeds. Besides using its horns as defensive and offensive weapons (based on the dinosaur, Triceratops), Gomora could also wield his tremendous 40 meter-long tail to stun or kill his enemies. A true prince among monsters!

Gomora is not only my favorite of all the Ultra Monsters, but also one of my favorite Japanese monsters of all time (and I still treasure my Bullmark figure of him I bought as a kid). Gomora was the creation of screenwriter Tetsuo Kinjo, who conceived the creature, art director Tohru "Tohl" Narita, who realized him, sculptor Ryosaku Takayama, who built the monster suit, and suit actor Kunio Suzuki, who brought him to life. Gomora has remained popular for over 40 years and has returned several times, including the recent mini-series ULTRA GALAXY: GIANT MONSTER BATTLE.

Simply put, Gomora rules!

•Link Wikipedia: Gomora


DaiKamonohashi said...

Here's a drawing you'd appreciate then, August!



August Ragone said...

Nice! Thanks for posting your link!


Unknown said...

The horns seem kind of unlikely for a burrowing monster, huh?

August Ragone said...

On that note, a 130-foot tall, bipedal monster couldn't exist in the first place, right? Who cares about such details when Gomora looks so damned cool — and when you break it down, that's what it's all about, really. :)


Lee Merritt said...

Gomora is an awesome monster whose brute strength was certainly on full display when he opened up a can of whup ass on Ultraman in their first battle. The fact this creature gave Ultraman, the Science Patrol and the JSDF such a hard time, and without a beam weapon of any kind, is IMO a testament to this monster's power and fighting spirit. I have a figure of this monster as well(it's metallic). I look forward to seeing more of your "Monster Of The Month" blogs, August!

Mr. Karswell said...

Man I love Gomora too! Now I gotta go watch him stomp on something...

X7 said...

i concur. Gomora is just an awesome design and monster. i was really glad to see him turn "good" in Ultra Galaxy (here's hoping he actually teams up with Ultraman in season 2!) after being a villain for so long.

and as far as the side horns go, it's not those he digs with, it's the claws, the side horns will help him enlarge the tunnel. i mean, Angilas or Baragon can burrow, and they aren't designed for it either.

great stuff here!