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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Designer Daikaiju from Yoshihito Sugahara

バンダイの大怪獣 Tシャツ!

Sugahara breaths new life into the original! ©1954 Toho Co., Ltd.

A dynamic design of the golden triple-threat! ©1964 Toho Co., Ltd.

The original flying terrapin of terror! ©1965 Kadokawa Pictures

Guilala from THE X FROM OUTER SPACE! ©1967 Shochiku

These amazing high-end t-shirts, designed and executed by noted artist Yoshihito Sugahara, have been commissioned by Bandai's apparel division, and are available online and through various brick-and-mortar outlets in Japan only. Sugahara has designed a number of shirt for Bandai; everything from Ultraman through Toei Heroes, and are pretty damned impressive. While they may be well-worth tracking down for the hardcore fan, be forewarned: they range in price from $30-$39 USD.

I'll be also be featuring more samples of Bandai and Sugahara's tokusatsu t-shirt designs in future posts — stay tuned!


xenorama said...

man, that Guilala shirt is way cool. sign me up!

Leslie Hurteau said...
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Patrick B said...

Awesome shirts! Would love to have all of 'em.