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Thursday, February 23, 2012

12 New Shots Not Seen In Previous Trailers!


Gamilas Planet Bombing creates poisonous mutant plants! An element hinted at, but ultimately dropped from the original 1974 series.

The United Nations Cosmo Navy's last fleet gathers for a decisive battle at Pluto against the Gamilas! Notice the incredible detail on the ships, established by conceptual designer Junichi Tamamori.

Admiral Okita and his crew stand ready for battle at Pluto! Gamilas ships can be faintly seen reflected in the windscreens.

The Gamilas Fleet prepares to engage the Earth's UNCN forces at Pluto! The classic designs have been mostly retained, proving that they still stand the test of time.

"Tell them they're 'nuts'!" Admiral Okita sends the same famous message that General McAuliffe made in reply to the German's surrender ultimatum at the Battle of the Bulge.

The Gamilas response is swift... and fatal!

Mamoru Kodai, Captain of the Missile Destroyer Yukikaze, makes a fateful maneuver...

Meanwhile, Susumu Kodai and Daisuke Shima find a strange message device clutched in the hand of a beautiful, but deceased, extraterrestrial woman whose ship crash lands on Mars.

The inscription reads: "Here Lies a Messenger from a Faraway Star."

Back on Earth, Section 9 Com Officer, Yuki Mori, meets Kodai for the first time — and chews him out for not following proper procedure! Meanwhile, Shima keeps his distance.

So, what does Kodai do the first chance he gets? Commandeers a Cosmo Zero, without authorization, to pursue a Gamilas spy plane!

Science Officer Shiro Sanada and Captain Hijikata wait as the mysterious message capsule brought back from Mars is being analyzed. Little do they realize that the very salvation of Mankind and the Earth is contained within...

Stay tuned to this blog and the official Star Blazers website for more news and information on SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 as they develop — and soon, we'll be off to outer space, one more time!


mathetes1963 said...

August, is there any word of this seeing a Stateside release?

August Ragone said...

Nothing, but this hasn't even opened in Japan, yet... and they are still producing and animating the series — from what I understand — and there will be 26 episodes in all.

The previous Yamato productions, the 2009 animated feature and the 2010 live action film, also haven't been picked up for Stateside release, either.


Rheinhard said...

I think the likelihood of a U.S. release of 2199 is greater than that for the live action movie, since the anime probably wouldn't carry the same ridiculous demands that the overpaid star not be dubbed in another language. However, in my gut I fear that the remaining mainstream U.S. anime licensing companies wouldn't be so interested, as this won't have as many of the common anime tropes popular these days (no moe school girls or Shonen power creep). And the company that would make the most sense to handle it, Voyager Entertainment (which handles Star Blazers) really doesn't have the resources or frankly, know-how to handle a proper dub for the anime market in the 21st century.

August Ragone said...

Much of what you say rings of truth, but I could easily see Funimation picking up 2199, because they did send a rep to the American Film Market screening of the live-action film in late 2010. So, I wouldn't give up on them.

2199 would probably be more marketable than RESURRECTION, since you would have to be familiar with the previous series and movies, and here we have a reboot to the whole franchise. Plus, 2199 does have the added pretty and youthful supporting female cast (more so than the originals).

If we take into account the fan-press hype that 2199 has garnered in the US since the first announcement and teaser trailer, there is already a built-in market for 2199, as well as a generation of fans who grew up watching STAR BLAZERS who are hungry for more.

We'll have to see what the future holds... Never say never!


LKoto said...

Where...did...you...get...these...images...from...??? (drools in sheer delight)

Daniel "Dax" Books said...

Hey August,

I agree that the reboot has a better chance in being marketed here in North America. And hopefully a company like Funimation will get the distribution rights and release it in both dubbed and subtitled.

In regards to the Live Action and Yamato Rebirth films. I doubt they will ever get released here in the States. At least in theaters anyway. Most likely direct to DVD/Blu Ray .

Thankfully American & Japanese Blu-Rays are compatible with one another so I can just order them from Japan or have a buddy of mine just pick them up and mail them to me.

On an off the topic note, have you noticed that the memory of Yamato/Starblazers is returning to those who are into Sci-Fi? A couple of weeks ago I was at a Sci-Fi convention in Maryland and Michael Hogan was a guest.. he reconized my Yamato Jacket