"There is so much writing in English on Japanese cinema that can't be accepted at face value — not because the writers are careless, but because the differences in culture and language are just too intricate. When I see August Ragone's name on a piece of writing, it gives me permission to place my faith in it completely. Among Japanese fantasy film historians, he's the best working in English." —Tim Lucas, Video Watchdog

Monday, February 20, 2012

Watch the new 3'45" Promotion Video, Now!


Prepare to be totally blown away... SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 • CHAPTER 1: THE LONG JOURNEY, directed by Yutaka Izubuchi, opens in ten theaters across Japan on April 7th. The DVD and BD of Volume 1 drops on May 25th!

Source: Amazon Japan's SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 page!


cologeek said...

Animation looks fantastic! SBY is one of the classic sci-fi stories and I remember being blown away watching Star Blazers for the first time as a teen. I'm looking forward to watching the reboot!

Kishin said...

Thanks for posting this, it looks amazing! Like it will have everything I loved about the series, but with better animation. I can't wait to see the whole thing.