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Thursday, February 6, 2014

New, Independent Film by Kazuhiro Nakagawa!


"Haruo, I really think we're going to need a bigger dump truck..."

DAY OF THE KAIJU (Kaiju-no Hi) is a new, independent film produced in the town of Hinode, located in Nishitama District, Tokyo City. From town's official website: "In previous monster movies, Godzilla was created as an anti-nuclear metaphor to bring attention of social issues. In this production, the monster is a symbol of the radioactive waste from nuclear power plants."

The story begins following a giant monster landing at Ogasawara Island, which disappears into the sea from moral wounds inflicted by the Self-Defense Forces. Currents eventually wash the carcass onto the beach of a small town, and the film depicts the events in the aftermath of such an event...

DAY OF THE KAIJU was written and directed by Kazuhiro Nakagawa.

Check out the first trailer, below:

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Hey i just saw an old video of you and mr lobo from san diego. Funny thing is i have the same shirt your wearing in the interview.