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Friday, February 21, 2014

Textless "Coming Soon" Poster from Legendary


Textless Coming Soon poster art that has blown-up the internet.

Since the announcement of the upcoming Gareth Edwards' GODZILLA for Legendary Pictures, I've been asked — frequently — what I think about this latest American interpretation of this immortal cinema icon. Long before it unspooled in theaters, I dreaded 1998 debacle (especially after having read the screenplay for the earlier, and ultimately unfilmed, Jan de Bont production), but I am curious and — somewhat cautiously — optimistic for this new round.

And here's the same Coming Soon poster with all of it's clothes on.

Part of the reason stems from the forthright approach of director Edwards and the solid casting. So, I think we might have something good — or at least very sincere — on our hands. It also helps that Edwards and the staff had copies of my book,"Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters," as reference material (which was also employed in putting together the "Godzilla Encounter" at the San Diego Comic-Con 2013). And he even gave us a great quote for the paperback edition out on April 8th.

Still, what do I think of an American version of Godzilla? Well, I might have to say that it would be the same as what I'd think of a Japanese Superman: Supes is inherently American. Period. (And the Japanese have Ultraman.) When I discovered these films as a child I was drawn to them for some reason, and as I got older I realized it was because they are Japanese. This is why they are appealing to me in the first place. Remove the Japaneseness from Godzilla and what will we have left?

With that being said, I will be waiting to see the film on May 15th with crossed fingers (for Gareth Edwards), but I will not be holding my (radioactive) breath. At least my hometown is on the poster...

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment:
Download the official textless poster (4050x6000 300dpi), here!
Download the official poster with text (4050x6000 300dpi), here!
Download the isolated text blocks, here!

Special thanks to Chris Mirjahangir!

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