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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Details & Trailer for ARK OF THE STARS (2014)

白彗星帝国出現!新作劇場版『宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199 星巡る方舟』

Beautiful textless poster art for the rise of the Comet Empire!

"They lied to us!"* In a brilliant move, producers of the new SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 franchise, kept insisting that they were not going to attempt a remake of the 1978 film, FAREWELL YAMATO, and the television version, YAMATO 2, both telling the story of the White Comet Empire threatening the Earth (familiar to American fans as the second season of STAR BLAZERS). Most of these deflections did indeed have a kernel of truth behind them — director Yutaka Izubuchi was quoted that he wasn't interested in adapting the later YAMATO stories into the new universe they had created for YAMATO: 2199, and that the upcoming film would still be set within the year 2199 (the original Comet Empire stories were set in 2201).

First teaser trailer: Tagline, "The new enemy is... Gatlantis!"

Finally, after months of a veil of secrecy, the plot details of the new production has finally been broken: Entitled SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 ~ ARK OF THE STARS (bowing in Japanese cinemas on December 6th), the all-original theatrical motion picture will not be a full-blown remake of the Comet Empire story that fans around the world are most familiar with, but will instead focus on an incident with the Comet Empire that occurs during the Yamato's voyage home from Iscandar. Details, herein are based solely on just-posted announcements by the official websites (which may be subject to change) — here's my translation of the official story synopsis:

Starting out on their journey home, after retrieving the Cosmo Reverse System from the planet Iscandar, the Yamato encounters the vanguard of a mysterious space fleet on the outer rim of the Large Magellanic Cloud, which suddenly appears before them. Identifying themselves as "Gatlantis," they demand the Yamato to surrender. With time running out for the Earth, the Yamato attempts to avoid an engagement, but an unknown lifeform materializes to bar their retreat. By a hairbreadth, the Yamato warps — into an otherworldly, grey-and-white space, where a strange planet hovers before them...

Is this mysterious planet the artificial interstellar citadel of Emperor Zwordar: Gatlantis? And could this strange, "gray-and-white-space," be the center of the White Comet? Or is it the "Ark of the Stars"? Stay tuned to this blog and Our Star Blazers for future news and updates!

*Star Wars reference. If you don't get it, you suck. ;)


Unknown said...

Perhaps the "gray-and-white-space" has something to do with Terezart? The sphere with the rings does bring to mind the Terezarium.

Anonymous said...

hi, I was just wonder what your layout on this blog is called? it looks good. =)

Unknown said...

So this means that nobody dies, I suppose. But it also means no new characters and a somewhat predictable ending.

August Ragone said...

Oh, no. There are new characters. Of course, the Yamato gets back to Earth and none of the main characters die, but that doesn't mean it will be "predictable."

In fact, I see this as being a set up for a remake of the Comet Empire story arc.

Cross your fingers and toes!