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Friday, December 12, 2014

Two-Parter Stomps Into Theaters Next Summer


Just-revealed advance poster art's tagline, "The world is cruel."

Director Shinji Higuchi's highly anticipated live action adaptation of Hajime Isayama's manga and anime series will hit Japanese cinemas nationwide next summer, with not one, but two consecutive feature films bowing in August and September 2015. Today, Toho Company Ltd., which is producing and distributing the film, has revealed the advance movie poster on their official movie website.

Written by Yusuke Watanabe (20th Century Boys) and critic Tomohiro Machiyama (working with Isayama), both films will feature visual effects directed by veteran Katsuro Onoue (Sinking of Japan), and not Director Higuchi, who is supervising the entire project. Earlier this year, Higuchi teased the film with a viral car commercial featuring a tie-in promotion with the franchise, which led people to believe that he was also directing the visual effects.

Toho's PR department also unveiled the tagline, "Its magnitude is... beyond ultra-grade GODZILLA!", capitalizing on the successful Gareth Edwards film adaptation of the Big G, which did impressively at the domestic box office in Japan. And this hyperbole isn't all hype: The film's titular titans tower at 120-meters (390 feet), twice as tall manga and anime counterparts, while Godzilla is 350-feet high.

Not to be confused with the second anime feature to be released June 26, 2015, ATTACK ON TITAN 2: WINGS OF FREEDOM, audiences will have to see how this colossal conflict between these naked gargantua and the last bastion of humanity plays out next year — will the live action films be a monstrous success or a titanic failure? My money is on Director Higuchi.

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