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Friday, January 16, 2015

Discarded Rider of the '70s Revived for Today

幻の仮面ライダー3号が登場 !

New teaser art for the upcoming film introducing Rider No. 3!

Fans all know Kamen Rider V3 is the third cybernetic hero, created by Riders No. 1 & No. 2 in his own series in 1973, but the initial concept was very much different. Originally, KAMEN RIDER (1971-1973) would continue, with the 100th episode introducing a new Rider: No. 3! The character was to be an android conceived by the Double Riders to help combat the latest enemy organization, Ghost Shocker! Rider No. 3 only appearred in pages of the October 1972 issue of Tanoshii Yochien (Shogakukan Publishing) in the manga story, "No. 3 Rider vs. Black Shogun" (illustrated by Norihiko Ishikawa), where the character was created by Black Shogun to defeat the Double Riders.

Former pro-wrestler Nobuhiko Takada plays the new Black Shogun.

Ultimately, this character was scrapped and KAMEN RIDER V3 was created instead. Now, the discarded hero comes to life in Toei's upcoming feature directed by Takayuki Shibasaki, SUPERHERO WAR GRAND PRIX: KAMEN RIDER NO. 3 (Supahiro Taisen GP: Kamen Rider San-go), opening on March 21, 2015! Noting the broken manacle chains on his wrists, it seems that No. 3 may have the same origin as the '70s manga. While the Kamen Riders have traditionally mounted motorcycles, Rider No. 3 has been granted a car, to tie in with the currently-running series KAMEN RIDER DRIVE (2014) and the "Grand Prix" theme of the film.

Kamen Rider No. 3 production design. Note manacles and chains.

Meanwhile, the design and execution of the costume recalls the re-imagined titular characters featured in the theatrical films KAMEN RIDER: THE FIRST (2005) and KAMEN RIDER: THE NEXT (2007). Any direct tie-in or crossover with the previous pair of stories is unknown at present, but Toei has already produced a number of movies and series in which the "alternate realities" of the Kamen Rider Universes bleed through. Now, Kamen Rider No. 3 comes to life and becomes canon. And in spite of the wildly uneven nature of Toei's seasonal superhero movies, there's no guarantee it will be any better (or worse). Hopefully, if nothing else, the film will be entertaining.

Click to jump to the official website to see the first teaser trailer!

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