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Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Do You Wanna See Something Really Scary?"

TV Guide, September 2, 1972. Bob became KTVU's Weather Man!

Due to his incredible popularity and massive ratings with "Creature Features", horror host Bob Wilkins was offered the job as the Weather Man for the all-new 10 O'clock News at KTVU. While the workload of doing this, and his horror shows at KTXL-40 in Sacramento and KTVU, eventually stepping down and going back to the fun horror.

Even so, Bob garnered an Emmy Award nomination for his Ski Report, hilariously set to footage from the pre-credit sequence from Peter Hunt's Bond Adventure, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). It was pure Bob at his wry best.

Northern California's beloved host of KTVU Channel 2's "Creature Features" (not to mention his stints at Sacramento's KRCA-3 and KTXL-40) is being celebrated in my dreadful creepy countdown to Halloween, each and every eerie day this monstrous month, in a sinister series vampiric vintage ads and blood rare photographs...

Bob Wilkins lives!

Read more about Bob Wilkins and "Creature Features", here — and don't forget to visit the official Bob Wilkins website!

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