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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"A Free Shrunken Head With Every Purchase!"

Bob with Dan Ferris, proprietor of the Cinema Shop, KTVU-2, 1971.

Northern California's beloved host of KTVU Channel 2's "Creature Features" (not to mention his stints at Sacramento's KRCA-3 and KTXL-40) is being celebrated in my dreadful creepy countdown to Halloween, each and every eerie day this monstrous month, in a sinister series vampiric vintage ads and blood rare photographs...

Bob Wilkins lives!

Read more about Bob Wilkins and "Creature Features", here — and don't forget to visit the official Bob Wilkins website!


shadow said...

I love that you are focused on Bob this month. I grew up with him on my TV.

August Ragone said...

Last year, I also dedicated Halloween Month to Bob — he was my childhood hero!


Unknown said...

This is a fantastic photograph! Dan Faris was my uncle. Sadly, he passed away a few days ago on Easter after battling cancer for almost a year. He was a huge influence on me and my love of film. Would you happen to have anymore photographs of him?