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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

JNP Reissues "Complete Series" DVD Box Set

©Toei Company Ltd./Ishimori Productions

Honolulu-based JN Productions/Generation Kikaida is re-releasing their KAMEN RIDER V3 DVD Box Set on May 18! This is one of the DVD projects I had the pleasure of doing for JNP/Generation Kikaida over the last decade (including KIKAIDA and INAZUMAN) released in 2005, and it's my all-time favorite superhero series from 1970s. We really went overboard with the extras on this set: I wrote detailed behind-the-scenes factoids (including biographies on all of the Guest Stars and Production Staff), two essays on the series, two complete sets of English Subtitles (one for children and the other for adults), and 71 Character Profiles (with sound bytes)! The set also boasts an exclusive interview with star Hiroshi Miyauchi, six Karaoke Music Videos, and much, much more!

According to the press release: We have answered your call. Due to numerous requests for KAMEN RIDER V3, JN Productions is proud to release a newly issued, fully-loaded “Special Edition” six-disc set which contains all 52 exciting episodes—digitally remastered, complete and uncut—and bonus features found on the “Collector’s Edition” box set. This new "Special Edition" set will be priced at $149.50—if you didn't catch the first release of this action packed series, be sure you don’t miss it this time around! The KAMEN RIDER V3 Special Edition DVD Box Set will be available exclusively in Honolulu at Shirokiya, Ala Moana Center or through the Generation Kikaida website for shoppers outside of Hawaii. Online shoppers will receive a free gift for a limited time only!

Produced by action film purveyors, Toei Studios (THE KILLING MACHINE), and the hit-making team of creative producer Tohru Hirayama Tohru (JOHNNY SOKKO) and manga author Shotaro Ishimori (CYBORG 009), KAMEN RIDER V3 is not just a superhero saga, it's a superhero opera! After witnessing the brutal murder of his family at the hands of the demonic, secret society known only as "Destron", motorcross phenom Shiro Kazami is reborn as a cyborg warrior! Exploding with breakneck action by the Ono Ken-Yukai (YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE), an exciting score by Shunsuke Kikuchi (DRAGONBALL Z), and the electrifying presence of action star Hiroshi Miyauchi (SISTER STREETFIGHTER), KAMEN RIDER V3 defined the superhero genre for a generation of Japanese television viewers.

The coolest Japanese superhero series of the 1970s, KAMEN RIDER V3 rocks!

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