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Friday, July 26, 2013

Japanese Cult Movie Screenings in August!


Event flyer for the greatest cult movie series in Japan the world!

From August 3rd-30th, Tokyo’s Shibuya Cinemavera theater is hosting, a film festival of 23 incredible outré cult films, featuring a number of fantasy and horror titles not seen in years — and many not available on DVD!

This program includes: Yasuki Chibai’s WILL-O-THE-WISP (Onibi, 1956), Ryosuke Kurahashi's DANCING MISTRESS (Kaidan-iro Zange Kyoren Onna Shisho, 1957), Eisuke Takizawa's ENCHANTRESS OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN (Shiyoru-no Yojo, 1957), Mitsuo Murayama's THE INVISIBLE MAN MEETS THE FLY MAN (Tomei Ningen to Hae-otoko, 1957), Kyotaro Namiki's VAMPIRE BRIDE (Hanayome Kyuketsuma, 1957), Teinosuke Kinugasa's BRONZE MAGICIAN (Yoso, 1963), Hajime Sato’s THE HOUSE OF TERRORS (Kaidan Semushi-otoko, 1965), Kozo Saeki's COMEDY: MANGA IN FRONT OF THE TRAIN STATION (Kigeki Ekimae Manga, 1966), Shigehiro Ozawa’s SEVEN GAMBLERS (Bakuto Shichi’nin, 1966), Hajime Sato’s GOKE: BODYSNATCHER FROM HELL (Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro, 1968), Kinji Fukasaku’s BLACK ROSE MANSION (Kuro Bara-no Yakata, 1969), Takashi Tsuboshima’s WHO AM I!? (Kiki Kaikai Ore-wa Dare da!?, 1969), Michio Yamamoto’s TERROR IN THE STREETS (Akuma-ga Yonderu, 1970), Katsuhiko Fujii's LEGEND OF A SEX THIEF IN EDO (Oedo Seito-den Onnagiri, 1973), Yukio Noda’s THE KARATE 2 (Karate 2, 1974), Kan Murai’s MRS. TOKYO DEEPTHROAT (Tokyo Deppusurotto Fujin, 1975), Yukio Noda’s YOUNG TURKISH BATH DAIRIES: THE SLIDING VIRGIN (Seishun Toruko Nikki Shojosuberi, 1975), Yuji Makiguchi's MIDORI SATSUKI: CONFESSIONS OF LADY MANTIS (Satsuki Midori Kamakiri Fujin-no Kokuhaku, 1975), Kazuhiko Yamaguchi’s WERECAT IN THE TURKISH BATH (Kaibyo Toruko Furo, 1975), Shunya Ito’s CURSE OF THE GHOST DOG (Inugami-no Tatari, 1977), Yoshitaro Nomura’s WRITHING TONGUE (Furueru Shita, 1980), Yoshitaro Nomura’s MIDNIGHT INVITATION (Mayonaka-no Shotaijo, 1981), and Shinobu Hashimoto’s infamous THE LAKE OF ILLUSIONS (Maboroshi-no Mizuumi, 1982).

If you're in Tokyo during August, DO NOT DARE MISS this chance to catch this incredible and insane line-up of movie madness!


Unknown said...

Surprised to see Terror On The Streets there. Such an obscure movie. Whenever I search for Akuma wo yondeiru (The Devil Is Calling), I get a poster, but no trailers or wikipedia entry or anything.

Do you have any idea what kind of movie this is? Is it similar in tone to Vampire Doll?

So intriguing.

Maddie said...

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