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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Premiering on Japanese Television July 10th


Introducing the latest member of the Ultra Family: Ultraman Ginga!

On July 10, Tokyo TV is celebrating "Ultraman Day" with the premiere of Tsuburaya Productions' NEW ULTRAMAN BIOGRAPHIES, which will feature the adventures of ULTRAMAN GINGA, with a subsequent DVD and Blu-ray release to follow on October 25th. The July 10th date is significant, since it's both the birthdate of visual effects pioneer Eiji Tsuburaya in 1901 and the public debut of the original Ultraman in 1966. The moniker "Ginga" is the Japanese word for "Galaxy."

Click to see the first Promotion Video for ULTRAMAN GINGA!

ULTRAMAN GINGA is the first series to feature teenagers as the main protagonists, focusing on 17 year-old Hikaru Raido (Takuya Negishi), a passionate High School Sophomore, who dreams of adventure. The protagonists learn to grow as they draw "memories of summer" to help those wounded between dreams and reality. Guided by a mysterious dream, Hikaru returns to his country home where he is reunited with his old schoolmates, to await a series of mysteries.

Tsuburaya's official image poster for the new ULTRAMAN GINGA!

Meanwhile, he encounters Ultraman Taro, who has been turned into a doll, and comes into the possession of the "Ginga Spark," an object of worship found in the shrine on scared Mt. Hoshiyama. Taking the Ginga Spark in his hand, and only when his courage reaches its peak, Hikaru can transform into Ultraman Ginga! By combining with a series of "Spark Dolls," representing heroes and monsters of the past, the Ginga Spark can bring them to "Ultralive" in order to combat evil!


As Ultraman Ginga's battle begins, what mysteries will unfold, and what is the secret behind the Spark Dolls? While the use of Bandai's Ultra Hero and Ultra Monster vinyl figure lines may seem like one big toy commercial, it also recalls the Capsule Monsters first employed in ULTRA SEVEN (1967). The series will also be the first to not feature a scientific defense organization or the Self Defense Forces to counter the monsters and extraterrestrials that threaten the Earth.

Super Combibeast Thunder Daranbia vs. Ultralive Monster Black King!

Produced as a mini-series, ULTRAMAN GINGA will run for two months, with a theatrical film following on September 7th, and more episodes to come in the Winter. Volume 1 of Blu-ray and DVD,  streeting on October 25th, will feature Episodes 1-3 and Volume 2, streeting on November 22nd, will feature Episodes 4-6. While only containing three episodes each, there will be several special features to round out each volume. MSRP: Blu-ray 5,040 yen and DVD 3,990 yen.

DVD jacket art for Volume 1 of ULTRAMAN GINGA.

Among the special features content will be a special full-CG mini series, made up of three-minute episodes, under the banner "Giant Monster Rush: Ultra Frontier" (Volume 1 will feature "Red King Hunting," while Volume 2 will feature "Neronga Hunting"). Each volume will also contain Staff and Cast interviews, a series of behind-the-scenes making of featurettes called "Ginga Live" (tentative title), as well as clean opening and ending titles, and a six-page booklet.

Here's four minutes from Episode 1 "The Town of Falling Stars."

For more information, check out the official ULTRAMAN GINGA website (Japanese only)!


Unknown said...

Thanks, August, for posting the information. Great looking kaiju, but IMHO the Ginga transformation is so-so. Of course, I'll buy it 'cause almost anything ultra is ultra good viewing. ;)

navin75 said...

they are dong same thing to gundam makeing Yu-Gi-Oh and pokaman! varation.

Unknown said...

Cool looking series, but I still prefer the Showa Ultras. They just had more action, thrill and mystery to them. Hope some day in the not too distant future we can return to that.