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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inducted Into the "Monster Kid Hall of Fame"!

Classic publicity photo of Bob during his KTVU years.

Fellow Bob Wilkins & "Creature Features" Fans, it is my pleasure to proudly announce that our late, and much beloved, horror host, Bob Wilkins, has been inducted by the Rondo Awards this year, into the "Monster Kid Hall of Fame"! Bob joins this year's fellow inductees: Famous Monsters artist Ken Kelly, the late, great Lux Interior of The Cramps, legendary Spanish Horror star Paul Naschy, Jim and Marian Clatterbaugh, publishers of Monsters from the Vault magazine, and the late publisher of Castle of Frankenstein magazine, Calvin Beck.

For those who aren't familiar with him, Bob hosted horror films on KRCA-3 and KTXL-40 in Sacramento, and also in Oakland/San Francisco on KTVU-2 for more than twenty years, combined. Even though he left the airwaves more than twenty five years ago, he remains a legend to legions of fans in Northern California (including George Lucas and Tom Hanks), who grew up watching this mild-mannered, cigar-smoking host, introduce turkeys like The Vulture and Horror of Party Beach, as well as classics such as The Curse of Frankenstein and Kwaidan, with a sly, dry wit, and a wink to the viewer.

Bob was an inspiration to many, and helped those with whom he felt had talent—which doesn't explain me—but as someone who personally knew him during his peak years as a guest on his various shows, he not only gave me moral and financial support in producing some events (and my "Godzilla Fan Club"), but also inspired me that I could do anything. My story isn't special, really, because Bob showed that side of himself to many, many others. Most of whom, have gone on to successful careers in television, motion pictures, and other mediums—because Bob opened doors for them. He loved to give talent a boost, and for that, I thank him.

And now, I'd like to thank all of Bob's fans who lobbied for him to be recognized with this year's Rondo—and remember, "Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong"!

For a complete list of this year's recipients of the 2008 "Rondo Hatton Award for Excellence in Classic Horror", please visit their official website at Rondo Awards.

For more on Bob Wilkins, and a fan celebration taking place this weekend in Sacramento, please visit the Official Bob Wilkins Website.