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Thursday, June 15, 2017

BANDAI UNLEASHES THE "GREEN GARGANTUA"! Vinyl Display Figure Breaks Loose in September


Bandai Gaira blog-00
Bandai issues it's first vinyl figure of Gaira, the Green Gargantua!

COLOSSAL GARGANTUAN BREAKING NEWS! Announced earlier today via the Twitter feed of the journal, Tokusatsu Hi-Ho (Special Effects Treasures), the online-only Bandai Premium service of the eponymous global toy juggernaut, will be issuing a 18 cm (7.08") soft vinyl figure of the fan favorite Green Gargantua, Gaira, from the popular Toho spectacle THE WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS (1966).

Bandai Gaira blog-002
Iconic aggressive pose developed by suit actor Haruo Nakajima!

Coinciding with this announcement, Tokusatsu Hi-Ho’s latest issue will feature an article on the upcoming figure as well as an interview with legendary monster suit maker Eizo Kaimai, who had created the very man-eating mutant this sofubi (soft vinyl figure) is based on – so, we can imagine that this has passed his snuff. Tokusatsu Hi-Ho Vol. 6 is available from bibliopolists in Japan, starting tomorrow.

Bandai Gaira blog-003
Run to the hills... Run for your lives... Gaira's looking for dinner!

The Bandai Premium website followed suit with four very important, key, details, and lots of images; which have transposed to this report (Bandai states that the actual product will differ from these intended for illustrative purposes). Most of the text on Bandai’s page for this figure is nothing more than a stream of colorfully hyperbolic points, such as “Beware! Run from this man-eating monster!”

Bandai Gaira blog-004
My Green Gargantua's back... and you're gonna be in trouble!

But, as mentioned above, there are four key pieces of information, the first being the size of the figure, which is 18 cm - which fits in with the original Bandai "Godzilla Series", to better appeal to adult collectors (relative movie sizes notwithstanding) - and the ad copy exclaiming, "This is the figure [we] always wanted to see in stores - now, at last, it's available via the Web!"

Bandai Gaira blog-008
Sideview of the unpainted prototype for the upcoming release!

While, we've got the size of this thing nailed down, there's the matter of release date and - most importantly to all of you hyperventilating, nail-bitting, vinyl-sniffers out there - price. Each unit will be retailing for ¥3,999 JPY or $36.00 USD. Preorders through Bandai Premium's website go live at 11:00 am, June 16th (Japan Time). Scheduled for shipment this September, Gaira will be ready to  eat  meet you...

Bandai Gaira blog-009
Kenji Seki's details pop in this shot of the unpainted prototype!

Last, but not least, the graphics and press features what appears to be a series line moniker, "Kaiju Bangaichi" (which can/may be roughly translated as "Monster No-Man's Land" or transliterated as "Monsters of Unknown Realms"). Even though we haven't stopped breathing into our paper bags, yet, could we soon see the Brown Gargantua, Sanda? And... Other giant monsters Bandai had previously passed over?

Bandai Gaira blog-01
Monstrous angled view of the popular bad guy from the 1966 movie!

Stay tuned for more gargantuan information as it comes up from the darkest depths to devour you! Or will you devour it?