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Sunday, February 17, 2013

2013 IS 1973: "KAMEN RIDER V3"
February 17, 1973 - February 9, 1974


Jacket for Toei Video's current DVD release. ©Toei/Ishimori Pro

The second and the highest-rated Kamen Rider series of the 1970s, KAMEN RIDER V3 was especially memorable for its non-stop action, dynamic mutant designs, exciting music score, and a solid cast led by the legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi. A Japanese university student, Shiro Kazami (Miyauchi), vows to avenge the murder of his family by taking on the sinister Destron organization. After being mortally wounded, Shiro is revived as the mighty fighting cyborg, Kamen Rider V3, to take on the ruthless Destron syndicate. An updated Kamen Rider V3 appeared in the feature, KAMEN RIDER: THE NEXT (2007).

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