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Friday, October 12, 2012

Theaters January 12 & BD/DVD February 22!

『宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199』Vol. 4 BD/DVD 2月22日発売!

Kato and Yamamoto grace the package art by Nobuteru Yuuki.

With the third installment of the SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 saga, "The Endless Voyage", opening in twelve select cinemas across Japan this weekend (two additional from the previous releases), the official YAMATO: 2199 website has announced the release of the fourth film, "Defense of the Galactic March", featuring Episodes 11-14, opening January 12, 2013. The Blu-ray and DVD release will follow on February 22nd.

Slipcase art for Volume 4 by Yamato veteran, Naoyuki Kato.

The home video release of Volume 4 will contain a total of four half-hour episodes (11-14), plus a selection of special features, clocking in at 130 minutes of content for ¥8,190 for the Blu-ray (BCXA-0488, Region-free) and ¥7,190 for the DVD (BCBA-4319, Region 2). The DVD will be presented in 16:9 Anamorphic, Dual Layer, and Dolby Digital Stereo. Conversely, the Blu-ray will be presented in AVCHD, BD50G, 1080p, 16:9 Anamorphic, and Linear PCM Stereo.

Special Features will include a conversation between director Yutaka Izubuchi and anime legend Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, an Audio Commentary with voice actors Cho (Analyzer, Yabu, Gantz), Aya Uchida (Yuria Misaki), and director Izubuchi, Clean Opening ("Normal Full Version"), Chapter 2 Digest, CM & PV Collection 1 (featuring commercials and promotional videos), and a special insert booklet. Both releases will feature the same jacket art by character designer Nobuteru Yuuki, and a slipcase sleeve by legendary Yamato illustrator, Naoyuki Kato. While the DVD contains all of the same extras, only the Blu-ray boasts the most special feature of all: English Subtitles.

Venturing into unknown deep space, the Yamato continues on it's voyage to Iscandar. With a prisoner aboard, they are unknowingly being hunted by one of Gamilas' greatest military minds, General Domel! Will the Yamato be able to defend themselves when Captain Okita succumbs to his illness? These new episodes will be expanding beyond the original 1974 story, so we can all look forward to this fresh and fully-realized remake of SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO!

The episodes on Volume 4 will include:

Episode 11. TO SEE A WORLD GONE BY (いつか見た世界): The crew argues over the fate of the captured Gamilas Pilot, Melda Dietz, being held aboard the Yamato. During the ruckus, both Melda's fighter and a Cosmo Falcon are launched. But, who are the pilots!?

Episode 12. WHAT LIES AT THE END OF THE ROAD (その果てにあるもの): First Contact with made with the Gamilas leaves Kodai and Shima full of angst. Okita confides in Yamazaki about the nature of his illness... Meanwhile on the Gamilas homeworld, Dessler orders the renown General Domel to pursue and destroy the Yamato.

Episode 13. THE WOLF OF SUBSPACE (異次元の狼): An unseen enemy attacks the Yamato. It is a Subspace Submarine, commanded by Captain Frakken, under the directive of Domel. While at the mercy of their torpedo attacks, Okita's emergency surgery is put in jeopardy. Making a desperate gamble, Kodai violates direct orders to save the Yamato.

Episode 14. THE SORCERESS WHISPERS (魔女はささやく): As Kodai and Yuki return from a recon mission in the Type 100, they see a drifting Yamato floating in the void. Aboard, the ship seems abandoned, until Kodai sees his dead parents. Where has Yuki gone...? The apparitions extend them an invitation from the sorceress' shadow. Can Kodai and Yuki save the Yamato?

You can pre-order your copy of SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 Volume 4, by clicking here to visit Amazon Japan (with English language support)! Stay tuned to this blog and the official Star Blazers website for more news and information on SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: 2199 as they develop — and soon, we'll be off to outer space, on shiny discs of blue!

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Dan809 said...

That's simply whetted my appetite for Yamato even more. As someone who first saw Star Blazers 30 years ago now, I have been completely blown away by this re-imagining of the original. I hope the series is successful enough that they redo Yamato II (Comet Empire) as well.