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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Titanic Terrapin's 50th Anniversary Production


Gamera prepares to blast back onto motion picture screens next year!

SCOOP: Over the last week, there has been some English-language rumors spread about a new production, featuring Daiei Studio's answer to Godzilla, to hit cinema screens in 2015, based solely on a listing appearing on Japanese retail sites for the May 5th issue of Newtype the Live magazine. The listing mentions details on the production will be revealed as well as "image boards" (presentation art). While the listings are legitimate (the magazine in question is published by Kadokawa Shoten, which owns Kadokawa Pictures and Gamera), promising content on the upcoming film — that's only a fraction of what the Japanese already know.

This book first spilled the proverbial turtle soup on the new film.

The initial news was broken on February 8th in a completely different publication, "Heisei Gamera: Perfection," a 304-page book chronicling the post-1980s Gamera films, published by Kadokawa and Ascii Media Works. The major points dropped, which will be expanded upon in the upcoming May issue of Newtype the Live, include:
  • The pre-production tagline is "Something is out there..." (Dareka-ga aru).
  • Gamera in this production will come to life in a "(new) surprising form."
  • Producer Shigenori Takatera, is the central person at the helm. Taketera also served as a producer on KAMEN RIDER KUUGA (2000) and DAIMAJIN KANNON (2010).
  • The CEO of Kadokawa said the foundation of this production is, "What does today's audience want to see?"
  • BONUS POINT: The narrative is set in modern day and preproduction is well underway.
Stay tuned to this blog for more information as it develops!

(Special thanks to Hiroshi Ban and Makoto Kobayashi.)


Unknown said...
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missy moo said...

Is there any news about this? Rumor is it's a no go

Anonymous said...

I actually did a bit of searching and it looks like the issue of Newtype the LIVE that this references was actually giving a cover story + feature on the KIKAIDER reboot. Gamera Perfection however did promise a 2015 revival, but I wonder just when more details will come out.