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Friday, April 18, 2014

Linkenback's "The Art of Japanese Monsters"

 The hardcover edition of this upcoming movie poster collection! 

For over 60 years, Japan has produced an incredible array of science fiction and fantasy films to delight generations of moviegoers. From the King of the Monsters, Godzilla, and the space monster Ghidorah, to the fire-breathing turtle Gamera, and invading armies of aliens. Sean Linkenback's "The Art of Japanese Monsters," gathers them all together, a complete reference guide to Japanese Science Fiction Film Posters from 1954 to present, features 230 pages of original art and advertising materials from 75 different films, and more than 1,000 color photos of items from 20 countries around the globe.

The flip side of the hardcover edition featuring Reynold Brown art!

Independently-published, "The Art of Japanese Monsters" promises to showcase Linkenback's 30-year collection, supplemented with select, rare pieces from fellow international collectors, and boasts to be the most comprehensive compendium of promotional movie materials ever published in any language. Linkenback has also prepared two editions; a hardcover edition for avid collectors and the casual fan, alike, and a limited, deluxe leather-bound edition for the hardcore collector. Below are the details:

Hardcover Edition (1,000 copies): Available though Diamond Comic Distributors, Amazon, and select booksellers. 230 pages. Suggested Retail Price: $59.99. Shipping Date: May 1, 2014 (Amazon lists a May 13, 2014 shipping date).

Leather-bound Deluxe Edition (100 copies): Available only through the official Facebook page, each copy will be hand-bound in heirloom quality leather & 20 additional pages of posters (totaling 250 pages). Comes with an exclusive 8” x 10” print by Hugo Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton (each print autographed by Toho stars Akira Takarada & Haruo Nakajima. Retail Price: $150.00. Shipping Date: June 1, 2014.

Will this new book be the "Graven Images" for Japanese Monster fans? I, for one, am looking forward to it (and hope to review it in the near future). Hopefully, we'll have a kaiju eiga companion for Ron Borst's seminal collection of classic horror movie memorabilia. For more info on "The Art of Japanese Monsters," or to reserve your own copy, visit their official Facebook page.

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Kishin said...

Thanks, August! I've met Sean before, and it seems I recall him having a great poster collection. I just ordered the standard edition at Amazon.