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Friday, July 22, 2016

Plus Listing of Other Countries Getting Stomped


Funimation's tweet from Comic-Con International, yesterday.

After much speculation on who and when Toho's upcoming GODZILLA RESURGENCE would come to America, it was announced on Thursday at Comic-Con International in San Diego that the distribution rights were acquired by Dallas-based Funimation Entertainment. Instead of just North American rights (US and Canada), the agreement includes North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. They noted the film will begin NA screenings before 2017.

Officially, Funimation noted that the Hideaki Anno's monster movie will be distributed under the title SHIN GODZILLA, dropping Toho's overseas sales title, GODZILLA RESURGENCE. Now, as is customary in current distribution deals, the 31st Big G film will be theatrically distributed by Funimation Films, with the agreement also including home entertainment, video on demand and broadcast rights for all of the Americas. These will follow the initial theatrical releases.

In a press release issued today, Gen Fukunaga, the CEO and President of Funimation said, "Funimation is extremely pleased to be working with Toho to bring SHIN GODZILLA to audiences across the Americas." While not specified at this early juncture, it's unknown whether these screenings will be English Subtitled or English Dubbed.

Following up on my earlier story on Toho's press conference, in which SHIN GODZILLA was sold to 100 countries and territories, daily Nikkan Sports, published a map of the localities in question, and listing all of the countries the film has been sold to, so far. Then, I compiled a list of these countries and territories, but have excluded those already announced in the Funimation Films deal, since it would be redundant and self-evident. I've broken them up by region:

EUROPE: Ireland, Scotland, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Belgium.

AFRICA: Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Chad, Sudan, Egypt, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Beirut, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

ASIA: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hainan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, East Timor, New Guinea, The Philipines, and South Korea.

OCEANIA: Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Please keep in mind that this list is not "final" by any means, as more countries and territories are likely to follow, such as France and Italy. Stay tuned to this blog for further news on GODZILLA RESURGENCE as it develops! Check out the official website (Japanese only).

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ShadowWing Tronix said...

Happy to see the movie come, but not a fan of the Japanese name. How many Americans know what "Shin" means? I'm not even sure what it means and I follow Japanese media to a degree. "Resurgence" had better mass appeal so even causal fans or the curious might have been more drawn to it.

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