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Monday, March 13, 2017

NETFLIX ACQUIRES ANIMATED "GODZILLA" MOVIE Streaming Service Distributing Globally in 2017!


Anigodzi Netflix March 2017
Netflix Japan's tweet announcing the worldwide deal on March 13th.

On Monday, March 13 at 6:30 pm (Japan Time), Netflix Japan's Twitter account posted an announcement, see below and in the above image, concerning the upcoming animated feature from Toho Animation and Polygon Pictures, titled GODZILLA, which was announced via this blog back in an entry on August 18th, 2016. And that announcement is not only true and verified, but also very exciting for Big G fans all across the globe, so here's the tweet, itself:

Netflix Anigodzi Tweet Blog

This is my translation: "Created by the gifted tag team of Kobun Shizuno x Hiroyuki Seshita x Gen Urobuchi and Polygon Pictures, the animated movie 'GODZILLA' will be exclusively distributed worldwide by Netflix! Release date to be announced soon!"

According to Cinema Today, and other Japanese entertainment news services, Netflix will begin streaming the film across the globe after it's theatrical release in Japan (tentatively scheduled for this July; pending official announcement, all dates are subject to change), and will see this new animated feature streaming in 190 countries. As for release on physical media for home video (DVD/Blu-ray) stay tuned to this blog for information as it develops.

Concept art set in the mutated forest of Japan's "Old Tanazawa".

The aforementioned talents on this first animated Godzilla feature are responsible for such projects as GARGANTIA (2013), KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA (2014), AJIN: THE DEMI-HUMAN (2016), and STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS (Seasons 4 & 5; 2011-2013). Set on a far future Earth, the voice cast includes Tomokazu Sugita (Gintama), Junichi Suwabe (Prince of Tennis), Kana Hanazawa (Steins Gate), and Mamoru Miyano (Death Note). No other credits have yet been announced.

Check out the official website and this blog for further news!


Henning Strauß said...

Thanks a lot for the information Mr. Ragone!

I personally hope there will be a DVD available to be purchased, because I am really not convinced about Netflix.

I like to purchase my movies, move to my shelfs, pick up a DVD, smell the case, put the disc into the player and spend a couple of time with a wonderful experience.

And even Netflix a free-of-charge single month, I want to watch my movies over-and-over-and-over again and again. And if I cancel my membership, than I can't watch the movie anymore.

This in my opinion not good. Furthermore I only use my desktop computer. Sure Netflix works with browsers, but still; I personally want a movie or TV series for my collection. And Netflix does not help in this regard.

August Ragone said...

You're jumping to conclusions without context and assuming there will be no home video release. Why? I have no idea. If you made a cursory search of Japanese titles on Netflix, for example, KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA, CYBORG 009 VS. DEVILMAN, and the recently premiered, CYBORG 009: CALL OF JUSTICE, you'll see that all of them have been released on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan, while SIDONIA was released on home video in the States by Section 23 on Blu-ray & DVD.

This particular story is not about a physical media release and has nothing to do with a home video release; this is a major announcement concerning Toho working with Netflix, so fans around the world can see the film's international premiere, simultaneously via streaming video — an unprecedented occurrence for both this franchise and the studio. That's what this story is about. Future home video release on physical media were not announced, because that is a completely different topic, and will be addressed when the time comes for that announcement.

Again, I don't understand your pessimism. Sorry that you are disappointed at one of the biggest stories in the Big G's history.

C'est la vie,

Dead Parrot said...

Do you think this could lead to Shin Godzilla showing on Netflix? Or even other Toho Kaiju films?

August Ragone said...

Dead Parrot,
Anything is possible, but his deal is only for the animated feature. For North America, Netflix would have to negotiate with the various licensees who have the North American rights for the various titles, including Sony Pictures, Classic Media, Universal Pictures, Media Blasters, Section 23/Kraken Releasing. Unfortunately, the rights are all over the place, and are not controlled under one roof. Some titles are (or have been) streaming already on platforms such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, Shout! Factory TV, etc.

Just thinking about it makes my head hurt...


Henning Strauß said...

Dear Mr. Ragone!

Thanks a lot for your reply!

My pessimism is rooted, since I am German and although the movie probably will be available for watching here, I was referring to a potential German DVD release. All the anime you listed are not available here on DVD or BD, therefore my comment.

You made some good points, yes and thanks to you, I can breath more easily now. Thank you endlessly, you really helped me. Thank you!

August Ragone said...

You're welcome. I'm based in San Francisco, writing about Japanese fantasy films and television shows, so naturally, I'm going to write about releases in Japan and North America. Last year, several Germans strongly and continually expressed their angst that SHIN GODZILLA would not be released in cinemas there, and only on home video.

Since then, it was announced that SHIN-G will indeed play theatrically in Germany. So, that was much to do about nothing. As for a home video release in your country of the animated film, that would be up to a Deutsch label to have the interest and capital to license the film for DVD or Blu-ray. Lobbying companies that release Anime in Germany could be fruitful.